A native of Mexico, Mexican Pete would became an ally of the western hero known as the Masked Raider. He often overheard important information that helped the Masked Raider in his missions to fight lawlessness in the old west.

Mexican Pete first aided the Masked Raider in exposing a bank manager who had been embezzling money from his customers and used a convoluted bank robbery hoax to murder his teller and avoid implication when an annual audit was done on his banking operations. Afterwards, Mexican Pete became the Masked Raider's ally.[2]

Later, after a series of gold thefts in Lawson City, Mexican Pete informed the Masked Raider about the suspicious activities of Shep Mason who appeared in town with gold, claiming to have got it from an undisclosed mine. With this information the Masked Raider set a trap proving that Shep was responsible for stealing the gold. The Raider and Mexican Pete then rounded up Shep and his boys.[3][4]


Mexican Pete was inconspicuous (likely due to the marginalization of the Mexican people in the era in which he lived) making him a great eavesdropper and informant, learning information that proved vital to the Masked Raider.


Mexican Pete carried rope that he often used as a lasso.


Mexican Pete rode a horse.


Mexican Pete was armed with a pistol.

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