Peter Corbeau was one of the few humans who had Apocalypse found a use for. His expertise in space travel found Corbeau in charge of the ruins of Apocalypse's Celestial ship and its space scanning technology. Corbeau had past dealings with the mutant rebel Magneto, however they did not part on good terms.

Magneto sought Corbeau's help to find the location of the Shi'ar galaxy. Although Magneto and the X-Ternals's clash with the Madri made it difficult, Corbeau managed to find the galaxy for them. After the X-Ternal's teammate Lila Cheney teleported the X-Ternals away, Corbeau was furious with Magneto knowing that this action would have Apocalypse see him dead. However, Corbeau allowed himself the last laugh when he set the data core of the ship's computer to suffer a fatal crash.

Corbeau's ultimate fate, and if he was killed at Apocalypse's hands, remains unrevealed.

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