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Peter Blake

Peter Blake was adopted by millionaire Thornton Kennedy, and grew up with an interest in building new inventions. By 1946 he was determined to kill his adopted father and claim his fortune. Developing the costumed identity of Cat-Man, Blake broke into a hotel in the city that Thornton usually stayed while on business and killed him. The murder was overheard by the Human Torch and Toro who tried to stop the Cat-Man from escaping. The killer easily escaped the two heroes thanks to his fire extinguisher.

Rushing back to his home, Peter was then interviewed by the arriving Torch and Toro, and tried to steer them away. However, as the two heroes were searching his late fathers room, Peter interceted a telegram from a man who had information regarding Thornton's men. Rushing off at the Cat-Man once more, Peter sought to silence this informant only to be once more confronted by the Torch and Toro, who found the telegram and rushed to the scene. The Cat-Man once more doused their flames and knocked them out. Taking the two heroes back to his lab, the Cat-Man then doused them in a lead/asbestos solution to prevent them from flaming on or moving and then tossed them into a vat of acid. The acid quickly ate away the coating allowing the two to flame on and escape their fate. The Torch and Toro then incapacitated the Cat-Man's car as he tried to escape and unmasked him as Peter Blake. Turned over to the police, Peter confessed to killing his father for the family fortune.




The Cat-Man was a brilliant inventor that built a fire extinguisher that could douse the Human Torch and Toro's flames, and a special lead/asbestos spray.

Peter Blake should not be confused with the Catman, a mental patient who also fought the Human Torch and Toro.

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