Quote1 Well, Perrone! It didn't hurt, did it? Now lie down and keep your eyes closed for ten minutes. I'll take care of all the men now! Quote2
-- Dr. Doyle Denton src

In 1940, Perrone was a wanted criminal when police assigned their detective Doyle "Doc" Denton to pose as a doctor to capture him. Denton, also a surgical expert easily fooled Perrone and his gang into thinking that he was a cash strapped physician who's services could easily be bought. When Perrone was wounded by a bullet during a caper, they called in Denton to patch up his arm. However, Denton had tipped off the police who came shortly after to arrest them. Perrone was able to escape the police and resumed his string of robberies.

Denton, maintaining his cover by making it appear as he was arrested in the raid, tracked Perrone and his men to Louisville. There he continued to "sell" his services. Eventually, Denton tricked Perrone and his men that they had contracted a contagious eye infection which causes blindness, and injected them with a solution that would cause just that sort of affliction. With Perrone and his men blinded, Denton called the police who apprehended Perrone and his men before the solution wore off.[1]




Perrone used a pistol.

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