Percy Walker was the cousin of Patsy Walker. When they first met as children Patsy did not like him due to the fact that he was weak and skinny. Seven years later when Patsy was a teenager, her parents got a telegram telling that Percy was coming up to visit them for a week. Patsy was horrified by this, but went to meet Percy at the train station along with her boyfriend Buzz Baxter. Unfortunately, Patsy and Buzz mistook another young man for Patsy's cousin when he coincidentally had the same first name and took him back to the Walker home.

Left alone at the train station, the real Percy Walker was picked up by a police offer and brought to the Walker home later that night. They arrived just as the young man Patsy mistakenly took home attempted to flee the Walker house after robbing their safe. Capturing the young hoodlum, the officer knocked on the door and the truth all came out. After the police took the trouble maker away, the true Percy Walker was welcomed into their home. The following day, Patsy's friend Hedy Wolfe asked Patsy to go on a date with her cousin (having seen Patsy out with the impostor the day before). Patsy was more than happy to oblige and with Buzz went on a double date much to Hedy's chagrin.

Percy presumably returned home after the week long visit and has not been seen since, his fate is unknown.


Percy requires to wear corrective lenses.

As it was revealed in Defenders #89 that Patsy's teenage years were fictionalized into a comic book written by her mother, it is possible that Percy is a work of fiction. However, as some of the events in Patsy's youth have been specified as happening on Earth-616, Percy's existence is suspect but unexplored.

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