Pepo Laroc is a French citizen who would become loyal to the Nazi regime when it took over France. Stationed on Devil's Island he would be the warden in charge of prisoners of war. He was a cruel man who would starve and torture his prisoners. In 1941 his island would be visited by Steve Rogers and James Barnes who had come to see Steve's friend Tom Jason an American fighter pilot who join the Allied forces prior to the United States official entry into World War II. Jason was a prisoner after the fall of France, and had been placed as a prisoner on the island a year earlier.

Laroc would agree to their request to see Jason, who's condition would shock Rogers and Barnes. When they would ask what happened to him, he would be too fearful to tell the truth. Suspecting the truth, Steve and James would return that night as Captain America and Bucky. Captain America would catch Laroc in the process of whipping Tom, and would fight his way through a trap door into a shark infested pit. Fighting Laroc, Captain America would easily defeat him in combat and free Tom. Laroc's ultimate fate is unrevealed, however Tom Jason would escape to Greece where weeks later he would aid in the Nazi resistance there.[1]


Laroc was armed with a pistol, he would use a whip to torture his prisoners.

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