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People's Security Force

People's Defense Force (Earth-616) from Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 5 001
Information-silk Official Team Name
People's Security Force
Information-silk Team Aliases
People's Defense Force
Information-silk Status
Information-silk Identity
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Base of Operations
Bratislava Prison Superhuman Research Complex
Information-silk Team Leader(s)
Information-silk Enemies

"People's Security Force" is not team but rather a group composed of Eastern European adventurers and super-beings who were linked by the fact that they had individually fought Henry Pym during his earliest exploits under the heroic identities of Ant-Man and Giant-Man. They operate as The People's Defense Force out of the Bratislava Prison Superhuman Research Complex, the Eastern European center for superhuman studies.

Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.

  • No special notes.
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  • Unofficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe

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