When his video store, Great Wall of Video, faced unsurmountable competition from rival Big Budget Video and he faced the prospect of losing his then-girlfriend over financial issues, Paul Vance decided to burn down his store in hopes of collecting insurance money, which he would then use to move himself and his girlfriend upstate. Unfortunately for him, he was caught in the blaze and hospitalized with severe burns. In the hospital, he was questioned by Detectives Schumer and Blake from the FBI, and hallucinated that they were actually skeletons. This activated his heat vision, frying the two agents in seconds. Panicked, Vance stole one of their guns and fled the hospital, stealing a motorcycle in the process.

At home, Vance discovered that his girlfriend had left him and taken everything except their video camera. Blaming everyone else for his misfortunes, Vance strapped the camera to his head, and was last seen using his heat-vision abilities on the owner of Big Budget Video. His current whereabouts are unrevealed.


Optical Heat Blasts: Vance has fast-acting heat vision, which can fry his victims in seconds.


Vance's mental stability is extremely questionable.


Video camera mounted on his head


Stolen motorcycle


Stolen pistol

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