Paul Revere is an American legend that lived from 1734 to 1818. He is best known in American history for his "Midnight Ride" on the evening of April 18th and 19th of the year 1775 to warn of the coming invasion of British soldiers.

World War II

The spirit of Paul Revere was sometimes summoned by the wartime hero Mister/Major Liberty. His spirit, along with Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys, prevented Nazi Fifth Columnists from sabotaging US munitions plants[1].

Later, when it appeared that the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow was terrorizing the town again, Revere was summoned once again by John Liberty to investigate the murder of his former college dean Hendrick Vermeer. Revere aided Major Victory in revealing that the Horseman was in reality Hendrick's nephew Peter who sought to obtain his uncle's estate to pay off his gambling debts[2]


As a spirit, Revere could be come immaterial and intangible at will. He could become solid enough to hit living beings and interact with his environment. He could summon the spirits of others, either limited to or showing a preference for the spirits colonial era Americans.


As a spirit Revere could summon his horse which could carry himself and another passenger (living or spirit)

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