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Nicknamed the 'golden child', Paterson was sought by various groups to use his mutant powers. After being captured by an alternate version of Tony Stark, he contacted Spider-Man for help.

He was depowered on M-Day.[1]


Currently, Patterson has no powers due to the mass mutant depowering on M-Day.

Formerly, Patterson's body absorbed solar energy. He could then release it in a variety of ways. These included:

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Blasts of Solar Energy
  • Enhanced Durability

Paul was extremely powerful, able to send both Wolverine[2] and the Hulk [3] flying. He was also powerful enough to make the X-Men think there was a glitch in Cerebro[4], and nearly opened a dimensional rift between Earth-616 and Earth-5012 with help from a machine powered by Tony Stark.


Paul was disabled by stab wounds, which would forcibly teleport him against his will to unknown locations.

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