A resident of Cresskill, NJ, Professor Harker created the Universal Compressor, although he had difficulty in fine-tuning it. After a test resulted in an explosion that destroyed his home, Harker brought the designs for the Compressor to Polydyne, a corporation which agreed to finance his project.

Unknown to him, Harker's efforts had been detected by the space pirate Nebula, whose interests in obtaining the Infinity Union would be greatly assisted by him. Confronting Harker in his home after he was out grocery shopping, Nebula offered her assistance in completing his project. As a result, when Harker next tested the Compressor at Polydyne, the universe flashed out of existence for a brief moment. Nebula then had Harker activate it again, this time sustaining its effect, resulting in the Polydyne facility and themselves floating in a seemingly endless void.

Nebula was furious to discover that the universe was now gone, and demanded to know from Harker what had happened. Harker revealed that the Compressor had caused a "Genesis Pulse," destroying the universe in order to create a new one. When the Avengers arrived at the facility, having also survived the universe’s destruction, Harker tried to tell them how to deactivate the Compressor, but Nebula killed him with an energy blaster to silence him.


Professor Harker was a brilliant but somewhat accident-prone scientist.


Professor Harker created the Universal Compressor, an energy-manipulation device designed to concentrate the force of a one megaton nuclear explosion into an area smaller than the nucleus of an atom. In practice, however, it emitted a “Genesis Pulse,” destroying the entire universe and leaving a blank void for the creation a new one to one.

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