Paul Bonaparte was a criminal whose ancestry goes back centuries. His ancestors were the notorious Bonaparte family who were robber barons in Europe many centuries ago, residing in Hagmoor Castle. Some of his ancestors included Hugo the Cruel, who was beheaded by a king, and Carl the Terrible who invented many instruments of torture.

The family maxim was "He survives, who knows violence and pillage are twin truths!"

In the 1940s, Bonaparte had Hagmoor Castle transported to America brick by brick and became determined to continue his family history of crime in the United States. He developed bullet proof armour, a helmet that amplified his hearing, and a sword that generated heat equivalent to a blow torch. He then kidnapped a woman named Elaine in an attempt to force her to marry him, but she refused to do so.

By 1945, he began his crime spree, breaking onto a freighter to steal works of art that were being returned to Europe that was shipped to America for safe keeping during World War II. There he was confronted by a military security guard and killed the man. Hearing the guards death cry brought Captain America and Bucky to the scene. The pair were not prepared for the Evil Knight's enhanced weapons, and after slicing through Captain America's shield, the Evil Knight fled.

However, Captain America and Bucky tracked the crook back to his castle and attempted to ambush him there. However, Bonaparte was tipped off thanks to his helmet and easily captured the two heroes. He then left them shackled in his dungeon with Elaine with the key just out of their reach. Attempting to rob the Arco Produce Company, the Evil Knight was once more confronted by Captain America and Bucky, who managed to escape. Dousing the lights in the room, the Evil Knight hoped that his helmet would provide him an advantage, but Cap managed to trick him by tapping out Morse Code instructions to Bucky while verbally giving false ones. When Bucky turned the lights on again, the Evil Knight was ambushed by Cap who knocked him out of a window. Fleeing into a nearby junk yard, the Evil Knight had his sword doused with a fire hose. As he and Captain America battled it out, Bucky then used the one of the junk yard's magnetic cranes to subdue the crook who was then turned over to the authorities.

His subsequent fate is unknown.


The Evil Knight wore a bullet proof suit of armour, and wore a battle helmet that was equipped with microphones that enhanced his hearing.


The Evil Knight wielded a sword that could generate a flame that the intensity of a blow torch. When ignited the sword could slice through steel.

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