Thunder Fist was a large man, who wore special gloves that enhanced his strength. He used these gloves in trying to help British soldiers put out a massive fire that erupted following a Nazi blitz. Thunder Fist used his strength to knock rubble down on top of the fire and smother it.

Thunder Fist was suspicious of 'Alfie' at first, but was convinced by 'Alfie' that the Invaders were traitors and went along with him. Following 'Alfie's exposure as a Nazi double-agent, Thunder Fist got rid of his Nazi-created gloves and retired from superheroing. What became of him after the war is unknown.


Thunderfist wore special gloves that granted him superhuman strength

Real name revealed in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Hardcover Vol. 3.

The Crusaders were created as counterparts to the Freedom Fighters, Golden Age characters originally owned by Quality Comics, and later, at the time in question, by DC Comics, with each member an analogue for one of the Freedom Fighters. In Thunderfist’s case, he was an homage to the Human Bomb.

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