Possibly a native of Ireland or Scotland, Patrick Mahony was recruited by Mister Sinister to serve as the leader of the Nasty Boys as Ramrod, a group of young mutants whose first and only missions were against the government sponsored X-Factor. However, he and his friend Ruckus were more interested in beer runs and a quick buck than in Mister Sinister's agendas.

When the Nasty Boys fought the government version of X-Factor, Ramrod used his powers to great effect against the heroes, but he was ultimately subdued by the multiple fists of Jamie Madrox.[1] After being captured, Ramrod was deported after the government determined he was in the country illegally.[2]

Mr. Sinister reassembled the Nasty Boys in Hawaii briefly for a fight with Havok and Polaris, but Ramrod and most of the gang haven't been seen since then.[3]

It is unknown if Ramrod retained his mutant powers after the M-Day.


Botanopathic Transmutation: Ramrod can manipulate the fabric of wooden materials, causing them to grow at a fantastic rate and reform themselves into different sizes and shapes.



  • Ramrod was the only Nasty Boy that did not appear in the X-Men Animated Series.
  • Ramrod's real name has at this point never been used in a comic, only in a Marvel Comics Handbook.

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