As a child Patsy was a famous actress, she also had a comic book documenting her pre-teen stories written by her mother.

At some point Patsy was taken to Hell by Mephisto. In there she died, and was later resurrected, after being resurrected she developed what she called "demon sight", which granted her the ability to sense mystical energies.

Patsy later became a student at the Hell's Kitchen School for Troubled Youth.

Nick Fury's Trial

When Kingpin took over the Hell's Kitchen School for Troubled Youth, he imprisoned the students who didn't agree with his methods, Patsy was one of those students. [1]


Seemingly those of Patricia Walker of Earth-616.

  • According to Squirrel Girl Patsy was part of her "all-star-all-girl-all-butt-kicking-squad".

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