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Trish was the niece of the diabolical Egghead. However, she did not share in any of his devious plans. Trish aided Henry Pym on more than one occasion, infuriating her Uncle.

Trish was also romantically linked with Kyle Richmond when Egghead detonated a car bomb which critically injured Trish. She lost her left arm as a result of her injuries. Fearing that Kyle would only remain with her out of a sense of pity for what had happened to her, Trish broke up with him[1].

After this, Trish decided to "drop off the grid" and moved to Nevada where she joined a commune, becoming one of the "Dune People." She soon found herself wondering how the loss of her arm had affected her spiritual being and thus immersed herself in mysticism, meditation and the occult. She became interested in such things as tarot cards, ouija boards, the I Ching , etc. As she delved deeper into these interests she became increasingly withdrawn from the rest of the Dune People. Then one day, she became momentarily enshrouded in energy, after which she was very different. She felt that time moved too slowly, in what she called "slow-time." She eventually left the commune, heading into the desert to "sort things out." Four days later, David Anthony of the Dune People contacted Kyle and Doctor Strange, whose address they found amongst Trish's belongings. As the two searched for Trish, they came across a barrier of mystic force, with Trish being held within. After rescuing her, the duo discovered that she had been possessed by Strange's old enemy Shazanna and they accidentally freed her and her demonic minions. With the help of the other Defenders, they were able to defeat Shazanna and her hordes and banish them back to their nameless dimension where they could no longer threaten the Earth[2]. Trish chose to remain on the commune after the battle concluded.

Egghead continued to use Trish as a pawn and foil to humiliate his long time adversary Henry Pym until his death.

Power Grid [4]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Heightened strength, durability with bionic arm. Amputated arm impairs strength and fighting ability.




Was once equipped with a left bionic arm.

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