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Patricia Robertson was a lieutenant in the US Army, stationed at a remote outpost in northern Canada called Christmastown, just above the Arctic Circle. On a routine errand to a nearby laboratory, she found that something had massacred everyone. The lab's mission had been to study a piece of the original Venom that regenerated, but the new Venom escaped. Robertson unwittingly led it back to Christmastown, where it massacred everyone but Robertson. An alien called The Suit dragged Robertson along to pursue the clone to a town named Voici. The Suit gave Robertson a cybernetic collar to control the new Venom, and with no one else to use as a host, it used Robertson.[1]


As She-Venom

Robertson, as She-Venom, went to New York to meet the original Venom, after learning that the new symbiote's purpose was to wipe out the human race. Their first meeting ended inconclusively. After the Fantastic Four seized her to lure Venom into a trap, Spider-Man (a longtime adversary of Venom) foiled the trap. Venom reabsorbed She-Venom and escaped.[2]

Robertson's current condition, whereabouts, and activities are unknown.


As a symbiote, She-Venom had the powers of Venom. Robertson herself has no super powers.


Robertson has training in military communications systems.

  • In the 2003 series, you can tell the difference between Brock and Robertson in that Brock's symbiote has a bluish sheen and Robertson's has a purplish or grayish sheen to it. Also Robertson's symbiote more frequently has her tongue hanging out and occasionally has a more feminine look.

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