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Three Generations Previous

_ Reily + unknown
Albert Reily

Horace Reily

William Reily

Two Generations Previous

_ Parker + unknown
Benjamin Parker
Richard Parker

William Fitzpatrick + unknown
Mary Fitzpatrick

_ Watson + unknown
Anna Watson

Philip Watson
Spencer Watson

Lou Watson

unknown + unknown
Madeline Watson

Albert Reily + Claire Reily
May Reilly

Jan Reily

April Reily

William Reily + Claudia Reily
Sam Reily
Julia Reily

Previous Generation

Richard Parker + Mary Fitzpatrick
Peter Parker

Teresa Parker (possibly)
Ben Reilly (cloned from Peter Parker)
Kaine (cloned from Peter Parker)
Guardian (cloned from Peter Parker)
Jack (cloned from Peter Parker)

Spidercide (cloned from Peter Parker)

May Reilly + Benjamin Parker (legal guardians) + John Jonah Jameson, Sr.
Peter Parker J. Jonah Jameson Jr.

Philip Watson + Madeline Watson
Mary Jane Watson
Gayle Watson

Lou Watson + Sybil Watson
Kristine Watson

Julia Reily + unknown
Alexa Reilly

Amy Reilly

Amanda Reilly

Alternate Reality Previous Generation

Earth-9602 Earth-1610 Earth-14512 Earth-11 Earth-7122
Richard Parker + Mary Fitzpatrick + Mary Fitzpatrick + Mary Fitzpatrick + Mary Fitzpatrick + Kiri]]
Peter Parker
Peter Ross (cloned from Peter Parker)
Peter Parker

Scorpion (cloned from Peter Parker)
Jessica Drew II (cloned from Peter Parker)
Tarantula (cloned from Peter Parker)
Kaine (cloned from Peter Parker)

Doppelganger (cloned from Peter Parker)
Peni Parker
Penelope Parker
Peter Parker

Earth-82802 Earth-2301
May Reilly +Odin Borson +Shinji
Peter Parker

Current Generation

Peter Parker + Mary Jane Watson
Mayday Parker

Kaine (illegal adoption)
Aracely Penalba

Gayle Watson + Timothy Byrnes
Thomas Byrnes
Kevin Byrnes

Alternate Reality Current Generation

Earth-982 Earth-982 Earth-1078 Earth-7736 Earth-9511 Earth-9997 Earth-9997 Earth-18119 Earth-23492 Earth-32323 Earth-58163 Earth-9021 Earth-62412 Earth-71166 Earth-82805 Earth-86082 Earth-88896 Earth-807128 Earth-901220
Peter Parker + Mary Jane Watson + Gwendolyne Stacy + Galina Tsarfin
(Natalia Romanova's clone)
+ Gwendolyne Stacy + Mary Jane Watson + Mary Jane Watson + Gwendolyne Stacy + Mary Jane Watson + Mary Jane Watson-Parker + Mary Jane Watson + Gwendolyne Stacy + Mary Jane Watson + Betty Parker + unknown + Jessica Drew + Natalia Romanova + Gwen Stacy + unknown + Felicia Hardy
Benjamin Richard Parker

May Parker

April Parker (cloned from May Parker)
Richard Stacy 123 children Ben Parker May Parker Benjamin Parker II Annie Parker
Spidey-Baby May Belle Parker
Richard "Richie" Parker May Parker Unnamed Children
Spider-Kid Ben Parker II
Tonya Parker
unnamed daughters

Earth-982 Earth-1122
Ben Reilly +Elizabeth Tyne +Mary Jane Watson
Reilly Tyne May Parker

Mary Jane Watson + Unknown
Sara Joy Watson

Alternate Reality Future Generations

Tonya Parker + Clinton Barton
Ashley Barton

May Parker + unknown
Anna Parker

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