Paras Gavaskar was a mutant teenager from India. He was said to have a sister who was also a mutant. After enrolling at the Xavier Institute, Gavaskar was assigned to Alpha Squadron, a training squad mentored by Northstar and top achiever in his classes.

Indra and his fellow team members, Anole, Loa, Rubber Maid, Network and Kidogo, suffered a great loss when they were told that Northstar had been killed in the line of duty (Alpha Squadron was unaware that Northstar was still alive). The team was assigned a new adviser, Karma.

Tragedy once again struck, when after M-Day, most of the student body of the Xavier Institute were depowered. Indra was confirmed to be one of a handful of students who had retained their mutant powers.

Indra was then captured by Belasco and was held in Limbo with most of the other students. When Laura (X-23) orchestrated an attempt at escaping, Indra was beaten badly by a demon when the attack failed.

When they returned to the Institute after defeating Belasco, it was figured out that Paras was the youngest person at the school.[3] After learning this, the rest of the students assumed that he was a target and would probably be killed. Rockslide decided to stay up with him, but instead messed around. While Paras was with some of the remaining students, Rockslide revealed that Anole was gay. Even though Loa said that everyone knew, Paras' reaction indicated that he didn't know.[4]

Indra relocated to the X-Men's new base in San Francisco along with various other mutants in the Manifest Destiny series.[5] Paras had an internal crisis after an act of self-defense against H.A.M.M.E.R. agents, as he believe he had violated his Jain faith, of which the first and most important duty is absolute non-violence.[6][7]

He began counseling on Utopia with Rogue after losing the ability to manifest his armored form. He suddenly begins to transform, insisting that he is not in control. When he transformed fully, his armored form looked vastly different, and he demonstrated the ability to create weapons as well as armor. He was later seen creating a knife and cleaving a rock in half.[7]

Paras was called by his parents to come home after his brother fell into a coma. Unknown to him, they planned to have him married off in the place of his brother. Paras was accompanied by Loa, Anole, Rogue and Magneto. After arriving home and meeting his parents he went to check on his brother and, knowing of his condition, his mother told him why they really called him. Paras went to his father to talk to him about arranging his marriage without his knowledge, but his father didn't seem to be responsive.[1] When the others returned from "shopping" with another girl named Luisa, Paras' father was angry as he saw this as abusing his "hospitality".

As they decided to leave, Paras told them to stay, because he wanted familiar faces at his wedding. Paras' bride-to-be arrived that afternoon, and she and Paras were introduced to each other. The next day, they found that Luisa used her power to make a nude painting made of light which she removed after it was requested by the others. After that, Luisa and Paras had a conversation and she kissed him, but he told her he couldn't return her feelings as he was promised to another woman, just as Rogue and Magneto told them they wanted to talk to Luisa, who admitted that her real name is Luz. The Children of the Vault then appeared to take their sister Luz back.[2]

A battle started, which the X-Men lost. Rogue and Magneto were taken, each for a different reason. Paras wanted to help his friends, but his father reminded him of his promise to him, which was to take the place of his brother in the marriage. Just as the wedding was about to finish, it was revealed that Luz had switched places with Paras' bride.[8] Indra, despite his father forbidding him, went to Luz's city that had crushed into Mumbai. At first Luz didn't want to go, because if she went the other Children of the Vault would not let her go, but changed her mind and decided to help Paras by using her power to change his and his friends' appearance.

After taking their friends they went to destroy the device that keep the city in their reality. Rogue was attacked, and Indra was forced to save her by hurting the attacker, which he asked Rogue not to talk about. After destroying the device and returning home, Paras decided that the path of non-violence is not the way to stop evil.[9]

Paras sided with Wolverine and left Utopia and returned to Westchester County to attend the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.[10]


Paras Gavaskar (Earth-616) and Rogue (Anna Marie) (Earth-616) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 234 0001

Indra with his powers activated

Retractable Exoskeleton: Indra is a mutant who possesses the superhuman ability to form a very durable retractable exoskeleton around his body. The mechanic behind his power is unknown, but he is able to summon his exoskeleton almost instantaneously and with little to no restriction in his mobility. His exoskeleton formerly took the form of a rhinoceros beetle like armor but now he is able to summon a full-fledged set of ornate medieval armor. When Indra wills so, the armor dissipates into the air.

  • Superhuman Durability: Indra possesses superhuman durability derived from his exoskeletal armored form. In his armored form he is immune to of conventional trauma and also has limited resistance to energy attacks.
  • Retractable Weapons: Recently Indra has demonstrated the ability to form weapons (such as a knife) in a similar fashion to his armored exoskeleton. The knife Indra formed has shown to be sharp enough to cleave rock in half. He seems to be able to psionically levitate the weapons he creates.

  • In the New X-Men Yearbook Special #1, Indra was voted Most Reliable.
  • Indra had a sister who also reportedly attended the Xavier Institute, but she never was introduced and was likely depowered and possibly killed.
  • Indra's codename is derived from the Hindu name for the god of war and weather.

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