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Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, arts, crafts and industry, among other things, and resides on Mount Olympus with most of the other Olympians. Athena and her fellow Olympian gods once stood above all that lived as the most powerful beings on Earth. Athena and her godly brethren wielded the power to shape the lives of mankind, but as the Earth-bound mortals progressed and became more and more to be their own masters (and masters of their world), they began to turn slowly away from the Gods of Olympus. Over the centuries, the mortals turned away from Athena and the Greek gods as other gods replaced them and greater knowledge usurped them. Eventually, the general public of Earth came to believe Athena to be a fictional character of ancient myth, and were not aware of her existence. Today, the only place Athena and her brethren are remembered by the mortals are in the halls of museums and schools of antiquity. Athena and the Gods of Olympus are, however, still worshiped by the Amazons of Themyscira.

In Amazon #1, Wonder Woman (Ororo) invoked the name of Athena for guidance.


See Athena Parthenos (Earth-616)#Powers and DCDP:Pallas Athena (New Earth)#Powers.


See Athena Parthenos (Earth-616)#Abilities and DCDP:Pallas Athena (New Earth)#Abilities.

Strength level

Vastly superhuman, somewhere between 25 and 50 tons.


None known.

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