Packrat was a gold prospector who lived in Leadville, Texas during the days of the American Frontier. One for tall tales, and knowing local happenings, he was often a source of information to the western hero known as the Black Rider, while at the same time giving the Rider's alter ego -- Doctor Matthew Masters -- his opinions on romance and women, usually being of the opinion that women were never worth the trouble.

Packrat helped inform Matthew Masters about the arrival of railroad politico Mr. Cantrell, who the Black Rider exposed as inciting violence between the people of Leadville and a local Native American tribe to buy ranch land cheaply. It was Packrack who suggested and convinced the Black Rider to perform at the local rodeo shortly thereafter. Packrat also had passing knowledge of the influx of Mexican immigrants who were entering the United States illegally, another criminal operation shut down by the Black Rider[1].

Despite Packrat's issues with women[2], he still managed to get one to go with him to the local dance. This is also amazing in spite of the fact hat Packrat's lack of sanitary habits, as Matthew Masters found out when Pete came complaining about corns on his feet, and Masters found nothing but caked on dirt. Packrat was shocked when the Black Rider was accused of murdering Matthew Masters, however the Black Rider ultimately cleared his name[3]. Packrat also informed Masters of local troubles with a nearby Native American tribe, another local event quelled by the Black Rider[4]. Packrat was last seen showing the property that was recently inherited by Elenore van Ryan to the Black Rider[5].

Soon after the Black Rider left Leadville to defend the west severing his ties with his hometown, Packrat's subsequent fate is unknown.


Packrat rode a mule.

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