Nothing is known of P.J. James' early life, but at some point he used his apparently-superhuman musical talent to become a world-renowned musician.

One day he played for free at a Manhattan nightclub, one of the very few occasions where he allowed himself to be seen by the public without the purchase of an expensive ticket. He was an old friend of Dazzler, and introduced her and Rogue, who were patronizing the club, to his friend, the Japanese musician Makoto Suzuki. Their performance was interrupted by a group of thugs who sought to hold P.J. for ransom. To stop them, Rogue kissed P.J. to take on his musical talent, then expertly played a keyboard, the sound of which Dazzler transformed into beams of light, defeating the thugs.


P.J. possessed a natural talent for playing any musical instrument at a genius level of expertise, an ability that was believed to be mutant in origin.

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