The Ox was an outlaw who was active during the days of the American Frontier. He and his gang had stolen a large cache of fire arms and intended to sell them to a tribe of Native Americans for a profit of 8 thousand dollars. They hide out in an abandoned mine where they prepared to carry out their plot. As fate had it, the outlaw hero Kid Colt and his horse Steel stumbled over and fell through a mine shaft, literally falling into the plot. Kid Colt was discovered overhearing the plan and taken prisoner. The Ox then intended to frame Kid Colt for the sale so that he and his men could get away free. However, Kid Colt was faster at the draw and gunned down the Ox's men.

The Ox fled down the mine shaft with Kid Colt in pursuit. After failing to strike the Kid with a mining cart, the Ox fought hand to hand against his pursuer. However, Kid Colt was a superior fighter and one of his blows sent the Ox falling down another shaft to his death. Kid Colt then left a note for the law men who were pursuing him pointing them to the location of the stolen guns.[1]


The Ox carried six-shooters.

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