Dr. Otto Murdo is a mad genius who is bent on world dominion. To this end, from his secret laboratory, he has invented an army of robots. He also began stealing all available radium to power a death ray he was hoping to use to take over the world. His plot would fail when he would make the mistake of stealing a radium sample given to Joel and Josh Williams, brothers who invented the robot known as Flexo. Using a radium detector they would track Murdo's lab and unleash Flexo upon his robot guards. After making short work of the robots Flexo would attack Murdo and his men. When Murdo's men would fire upon the robot, their bullets would unleash a powerful knock out gas, knocking out Murdo and his men.

With Murdo knocked out, the brothers would contact the authorities and Murdo would be arrested.[2]




Murdo is a scientific genius who has invented robot guardians and a death ray powered by radium.

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