Right-hand man to Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. the Kingpin. Oswald was deemed the Arranger because of his 'arranging' of Fisk's day-to-day business dealings, be they legal or otherwise. This gave the Kingpin more time to deal with personal matters such as his wife's illness, or his personal vendetta against Daredevil.

The Arranger was very good at his job, able to plan ahead almost as well as his employer, and provide contingency plans in case of failure. He'd most often come into conflict with Spider-Man, although the web-slinger ultimately saved his life from the Punisher.

His status as Fisk's number one trustee began to falter when he botched an assasination attempt on the Lobo brothers, allowing them to retaliate in a brutal gang war. Again, Oswald counted on Spider-Man to save his life. But the Kingpin was now aware that the Arranger was losing control.

After the loss of a huge chunk of territory to Hammerhead and the Chameleon, Oswald's multiple failings finally put him on Kingpin's termination list, and a hit was put out on his life. In his last hours, he placed a call to Spider-Man for help, but Spidey figured it was yet another trap and refused.

He was murdered by British assassins Knight and Fogg later that night.

Spider-Man did seek justice against the duo later, feeling bad that he didn't accept Oswald's cry for help.

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