A demon of Hell and servant of Mephisto, he rebelled and fought a war with Mephisto over a beautiful she-demon with which Darklove had fallen in love but Mephisto had betrothed. Mephisto tricked Darklove into killing the she-demon and then bound him as a page in the Darkhold. Later summoned in NYC, Darklove attempted to conquer the city, but was defeated by Luke Cage and Ghost Rider


  • Telepathy enabling him to read minds and possess the minds of others. His telepathy increases in power each time one of his pawns kills a human.
  • Shapeshifting: After being imprisoned as a page in the Darkhold, he retains the ability to turn back into a piece a paper. In this form he can fly on the wind. The pages of the Darkhold are all indestructible.


Bow and arrows of Hellfire

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