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Oscillatin' Oago was a member of the Watchers,[1] a highly-advanced alien species that has sworn to watch other worlds without interfering in their progress.[2] Oscillatin' Oago was also the partner of another Watcher, Smilin' Sulatu.[1]

Smilin' Sulatu was a fan of classic movies and of the so-called Mighty Marble Style. He thought that adapting movies to the Marble style, with Marble characters playing the roles and Marble-style situations, was a good idea shared probably by many, including Oscillatin' Oago. Smilin' Sulatu had gotten his hands on some movies, and staged their showing in a movie theater, with the attendance of Oscillatin' Oago. Smilin' Sulatu greets the attendants, including the reader, and explained the show, with Oscillatin' Oago being his counterpart. Oscillatin' Oago was not thrilled, simply mumbling when asked to say something; Smilin' Sulatu decided that Oscillatin' Oago was having trouble working peanut butter loose.[1]

After the first movie, "The Malted Falcon" (an adaptation of John Huston's The Maltese Falcon starring Chaplain America)[1] Smilin' Sulatu kept on and introduced the following movie, "Driving Medoozy" (an adaptation of Driving Miss Daisy starring Medoozy of the Quasi-Humans and the Toast Rider). By then, Oscillatin' Oago had fallen sound asleep and his snoring was disturbing another member of the audience, Aunt May. A blond child in the audience threw a spider to Oscillatin' Oago's open mouth before the movie began.[3]


Apparently the powers shared by all the Watcher species.[4]


Oscillatin' Oago has the ability to soundly sleep in a cinema.[3]


Oscillatin' Oago has had some problems with peanut butter, and/or he is otherwise less-than-excited by Smilin' Sulatu's Marble Movie Madness.[1]

First appearing in The Malted Falcon in What The--?! #19, that same appearance was presented as the contents page in the same issue, with only slight modifications.[5]

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