Oscar one of Alex Wilder's friends who played a Marvel heroes themed MMORPG along with Hunter, Lotus, and Stretch. Oscar worked as a tele-operator, and usually played as Spider-Man.[1][2]

When Alex unexpectedly disappeared, his friends began meeting in person to discuss it. Hunter discovered that Alex died along with the rest of the Pride during the destruction of the Marine Vivarium. Together with the others, Oscar performed a spell from the Abstract to resurrect Alex. The spell resulted in Oscar's death and summoning a young Geoffrey Wilder from the late 1980s into the present.[2]


  • Magical Aptitude: Oscar has some level of magical abilities, as he was able to cast a spell from the Abstract; however, instead of resurrecting Alex Wilder as intended, the spell killed Oscar and summoned a young Geoffrey Wilder from the past.[2]

  • In their Marvel heroes themed MMORPG, Oscar played as Spider-Man.[1][3]
  • Oscar and the others first appeared as their MMORPG character avatars in Runaways #1, but is first and only full appearance was in Runaways Vol 2 #14 in which he died.

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