Storm founded and ruled Storm City in Colorado, creating a lightning barrier around the city to prevent the Sentinels from getting in. She offered Charles Xavier to join her inside the field before the Sentinels killed all the X-Men, but he refused. She felt Xavier was foolish and idealistic, and that he knew the Sentinels would kill his X-Men one day.[1]

Storm was thrilled to see Gambit of Weapon X, as her love, Gambit of her reality, had died before she was able to say goodbye. She followed him to Asteroid M to prevent his having to see her possibly die with the destruction of Earth. Instead, she was about to be killed by Hyperion so that Weapon X would move on to the next reality, but she insisted that Gambit kill her instead, so Hyperion would not touch her. He was reluctant at first because Storm of his reality was his wife for many years before she died, but when she insisted that him killing her was meant to be, he obliged, much to Hyperion's delight.[2]


Seemingly those of Ororo Munroe (Earth-616)#Powers.

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