Bloodstorm was the descendant of an ancient line of African priestesses, all of whom had white hair, blue eyes, and the potential to wield magic. Her mother, N'Dare, was the princess of a tribe in Kenya. She married the American photojournalist David Munroe. When Ororo was six months old, she and her parents moved to Cairo, Egypt. Five years later, a bomb destroyed their home. Ororo's parents were killed, but she survived, buried under rubble near her mother's body. This traumatizing effect left Ororo with the severe claustrophobia. In her later years, Bloodstorm was recruited into the X-Men by Professor Xavier, and acted as the second in command. She was later captured by Dracula, who attempted to make her into one of his brides. While imprisoned she befriended Forge, and together they tried to escape, when they were confronted by Kitty Pryde, her former teammate. Kitty would rather see her friend die than become a vampire and attempted to kill Bloodstorm, but she hesitated and became Bloodstorm's first victim.[citation needed]

The Six

After becoming a vampire, Bloodstorm turned to Havok and his team, and joined as the co-leader. Rather than giving into her darker side, Forge would allow her to feed on him when she needed blood.[citation needed]


Gambit was once the leader of the New Orleans Thieves Guild, together with his wife Bella Donna. During one of his trips, he met a recently transformed Bloodstorm, and joined forces with her. At her side, Gambit was mortally wounded and at his request, Bloodstorm reluctantly bit him in the neck and turned him into a vampire. Though he later joined the Six, Gambit resented Bloodstorm for making him into a vampire.[citation needed]

A Cure

Hanry McCoy managed to find and administer a cure for Bloodstorm's weakness to sunlight and her dependency on blood. Though the lust for blood was still there, her need for it was gone, though he could not reverse the affects of her vampirism.[citation needed]


During the final battle in which most of Earth heroes were killed, Bloodstorm managed to sneak up on Dracula, staking him through the the back piercing his heart and finally killing him.[citation needed]

Storm was not saved from the bite of Dracula and instead was transformed into a vampire. In defiance of her darker nature, Bloodstorm employed Forge and Kitty Pryde as food sources so she didn't have to kill.[citation needed]

The Heralds

Bloodstorm would eventually be recruited by X-51 of Earth-9997 (Earth X) to be a member of his Heralds. A group of super-humans from alternate realities. He had gathered them to warn alternate realities of the danger of the Celestials who reproduced by impregnating worlds and manipulating the DNA of the planet's dominant species into being unwilling antibodies. Each member of the Heralds would be granted their fondest wish upon completion of their mission. As payment for her agreement to join the Heralds, Bloodstorm wished to be cured of her vampirism. She would be teamed with Wolverine of Earth-811, Iron Man 2020 of Earth-8410, Deathlok of Earth-7484, Spider-Girl of Earth-1122, Killraven of Earth-691 and Hyperion of Earth-1121. The team would be split into groups of two, with Bloodstorm and Iron Man traveling to Earth-2010, a reality where everyone on Earth is a vampire.[citation needed]

There, they would seek out that world's version of Reed Richards to deliver their warning of Celestial prorogation. Learning that Reed (and most of the super-hero population) had fell victim to vampirism, their information came too little too late to the damned of this world. However, their information gave Reed the resolve to drop a bomb into Earth's core that would destroy the entire planet and wipe out all the vampires before they could take their curse to the stars. Returning to Earth-9997, each member of the group having varying degrees of success, they arrived to find that the Watcher of Earth-9997 was being judged by his alternate reality counterparts. After a brief battle against the collective of Watchers, they were beaten when X-51 had them all teleported to the surface of their own Earths, making them guilty of the same crimes that Watcher-9997 was guilty of.[citation needed]

With their missions completed, X-51 took all the Heralds to Earth to grant them their wishes. Bloodstorm was taken to Britain where she attended the wedding of King Britain and Medusa. After the reception, she was introduced to that reality's Storm and her husband, the Black Panther. They agreed to give Bloodstorm a blood tranfusion with blood from her Earth-9997 counterpart, which was theorized would cure Bloodstorm of her vampirism curse.[citation needed] It is unknown if the transfusion was a success, and the current fate of Bloodstorm remains unrevealed.[citation needed]


Vampirism: Bloodstorm, like all other vampires, is capable of transforming an individual into a vampire by biting them. A special enzyme found only within vampire saliva is responsible for this transformation. After draining all of the blood from a victim, the victim enters a death-like state and returns to life three days later.[citation needed]

  • Superhuman Strength: Like all vampires, Bloodstorm possesses superhuman strength, capable of lifting 4 tons.[citation needed]
  • Superhuman Speed: Bloodstorm is capable of running and moving at speeds far greater than even the finest human athlete.[citation needed]
  • Superhuman Stamina: Bloodstorm's body is more resistant to the fatigue toxins generated by his muscles during physical activity. She can exert herself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue begins to affect her.[citation needed]
  • Superhuman Agility: Bloodstorm's agility, balance, and body coordination are enhanced to levels that are far beyond the natural limits of the human body.[citation needed]
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Bloodstorm's natural reaction time is enhanced to levels that are far beyond the natural limits of the human body.[citation needed]
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Bloodstorm is capable of regenerating damaged or destroyed tissue to an extent much greater than an ordinary human. Bloodstorm can fully heal from multiple gunshots and severe burns within a matter of minutes, however she cannot regenerate missing limbs or organs, unless reattached.[citation needed]
  • Immortality: Bloodstorm, like all vampires, is functionally immortal in the sense that she is immune to the effects of aging and is immune to all known Earthly diseases.[citation needed]
  • Fangs: Like all vampires, Bloodstorm has fangs and claws. She can quickly drain a victim of blood.[citation needed]
  • Hypnotism: Bloodstorm is able to hypnotize others by gazing into their eyes for a short period of time.
  • Shapeshifting: Bloodstorm is able to shape shift into bats, rats, a wolf, and mist. She can also turn into human-sized or larger wolfen and bat-like forms.[citation needed]
  • Sorcery: Bloodstorm has the latent potential fo magic like her ancestors. These mystical abilities seem to have been amplified by her vampirism. She can summon spirits and shadows to do her bidding.[citation needed]
  • Mind Control: A person bitten by Bloodstorm is able to be influenced by her through a sort of empathic link. Only beings of exceptionally strong wills are capable of resisting him.[citation needed]
  • Vampiric telepathy: Commonly refered to as Whisper, or Lore, vampires can communicate with one another, sense one another, and even hypnotize there victims with a limited form of vampiric telepathy. Primarily, it is an undeveloped power of suggestion that can only be resisted by those with exceptional will power.[citation needed]
  • Telepathic resistance: Bloodstorm is resistant to telepathy, though not immune.[citation needed]
  • Weather Manipulation: Bloodstorm's ability to manipulate the weather is both biological due to her mutation and supernatural due to the mystical properties of her nature, making them very unique in nature. Several times in the past, Storm has been described as a "sculptress". This is (arguably) the best way to describe her mutant mastery over weather, and certain forms of energy. Bloodstorm's powers are reflective of her counterparts in almost every way. When Storm uses her psionic powers, she sees the world as colorful, constantly changing energy patterns, rather than solid matter. These energy patterns can be "molded" to Storm's will to create a vast number of effects which mainly deal with weather manipulation. Storm is greatly in tune with nature and the elements. She can feel them, and likewise they react to her emotional state. She can manipulate weather patterns on a variety of scales, including the ability to summon large and violent thunderstorms and blizzards, as well as sleet and hail.[citation needed]

She has the ability to fly by gliding on wind currents. She can also move objects or other people with the wind or create a dome of air pressure to deflect attacks. Storm's power over air pressure has also been used to crush powerful objects such as Skrull warships. She has even created pressure (on Earth) higher than that found on Jupiter. Bloodstorm's powers grant her the ability to fly as high as the atmosphere can be stretched by using her mastery over wind. She can even carry other people with her. Bloodstorm can also use the weather as a weapon. She can summon lightning bolts from the sky that can be used to blind, stun, or severely burn her opponents, even to the point of death. She can also use this ability as a concussive force, even strong enough to affect the Silver Surfer.[citation needed]

When using her powers, Bloodstorm becomes one with the energy patterns she manipulates. This gives her the ability to project weather effects through her body. For instance, she can generate lightning, intense cold, and intense heat, from her hands rather than from her actual atmosphere. Her power over thunder has been used to create deafening sounds for distracting her enemies. She can create powerful tornadoes, hurricanes, and various winds that are capable of moving a vast number of objects/people including levitating an entire building, and sending the Hulk soaring away from her and her teammates. Her ability over water and its forms has been shown by her creating heavy rainfall, and instant floods that have even "washed" away Savage Land dinosaurs. Control over moisture and temperature allows Bloodstorm to freeze/flash freeze objects and people in the blink of an eye.[citation needed]

Bloodstorm has been shown to be able to command the Earth's biosphere vocally, even calling out to "Mother Nature" to protect its child.[citation needed]

She seems unaffected by the weather, including lightning and temperature. It has often times been suggested that Bloodstorm has a psionic link with energy patterns, and that weather patterns just happen to be the most natural for her to be able to manipulate. This is further shown by her being able to reverse/counter electrically-based attacks.[citation needed]

  • Earth-Link: Storm's mutant powers have created a psychic bond between herself and the primal life force of Earth's biosphere. This bond with the Earth and apparently the entire universe, gives Storm spiritual and material sustenance with an almost empathic sense towards living thing. Her bond has even allowed her to when in space summon a solar flare and the ability and call upon and manipulate a large amount of cosmic energy.[citation needed]

She has diverted jet streams so as to create storms over the entire East Coast of the United States. (AN: It should be noted that Storm has on two occasions tapped into electromagnetic energy to enhance her powers; once to stop a blizzard over Canada and second to create a cosmic-level turbulence around the Earth to block solar radiation. She can create weather effects within indoor areas or within artificially maintained environments: for example she could create an indoor rainstorm. She can create weather effects over very small areas; as when she water her potted planets. Using her precise control over air, she has even been shown to control the very air in a person's lungs.[citation needed]


Expert Thief: Extraordinary ability at picking locks and pockets, escape artist; therefore, she is very stealthy and good at sneaking up on people.[citation needed]

Expert Combatant: She is an experienced hand-to-hand combatant. She is also an extraordinary marksman with handguns.[citation needed]

Strength level

Superhuman strength capable of lifting up to 4 tons[citation needed]


Claustrophobia (Formerly) Bloodstorm had to quickly get over her claustrophobia when she had to grow accustomed to sleeping in a coffin.[citation needed]

Physical Condition: Bloodstorm is limited by the force of her will and the strength of her body. Though as a vampire, her physical limits have greatly increased, and have yet to be tested.[citation needed]

Vampire Weaknesses: Bloodstorm's powers come from both her natural mutant powers, as well as her mystical vampiric powers. Therefore, her powers are simultaneously supernatural, however her potentially growing Omega-level powers seem to have been stunted by her vampirism.[citation needed] Bloodstorm can be killed by having a stake plunged into her heart, somehow interrupting the mystical energies that keep her alive. Bloodstorm can also be killed by being decapitated and being exposed to fire.[citation needed]


Storm often carries lock picks.[citation needed]


X-Men Blackbird, formerly X-Men Stratojet


Keeps a large knife and staff for necessary occasions[citation needed]

  • The concept for Bloodstorm came from fans who prefered the 1980's popularity of magical characters that were made popular by games like Dungeons & Dragons, as well as TV shows. Bloodstorm's look is also derived from her style and look from the 1980's look she had, having a "Rocker" mohawk.[citation needed]

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