Born to a black father and a Mexican mother, Orlando and his brother Mariano grew up in a world where they constantly missed out on opportunities because of their race. While Mariano joined a gang to give himself some identity, Orlando worked hard, playing football in high school, learning to act, sing, and dance. Passed over for a college scholarship, Orlando tried to find a job, with no luck. Turning to his talents, he was constantly tossed out of studios because he lacked the right connections.

Meanwhile, Mariano was getting into trouble with a rival gang, and it was Orlando who paid the price. While waiting for a bus that would take him to yet another audition, the rival gang found Orlando and shot him in the back, leaving him paralyzed. Feeling guilty, his brother offered him an exoskeleton that would allow him to walk again (the suit itself was a modified version of the type of suit developed by Rampage), but in return, Orlando would have to kill members of the rival gang. Agreeing to the terms, Orlando donned the suit, but knew that killing the rival gang would serve no good, he fled.

Eventually getting an acting job as Hitmaker, "the superhero for the 90s." At a time when Wonder Man's powers were fueled by his rage, and he was constantly alienating people and studios, Hitmaker was used as an example of a good superhero, the anti-Wonder Man. While facing Wonder Man in a fixed battle, Orlando was nearly killed by a bazooka blast from his brother's gang. While Wonder Man raced him to safety, the camera crew filming the event edited the footage to make it look like Wonder Man was responsible. Angered over this, Wonder Man confronted Hitmaker in the hospital bed he had taken him to, demanding he stand up and face him. When Hitmaker refused, Wonder Man hauled him to his feet, only for Hitmaker (sans-armor) to collapse. As camera crews filmed this, Wonder Man fled, knowing how bad it would look if he continued the argument.

As Hitmaker eventually caught up to Wonder Man, the two finally agreed to join forces, and Hitmaker explained his origin. The two, along with Beast, then assaulted Mariano's gang, but failed to capture Mariano when two of the Recession Raiders attacked. As the press arrived, Hitmaker announced that he and Wonder Man were responsible, helping to boost Wonder Man's flagging image.

After Civil War

After the Civil War, he was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative.[1]


Hitmaker's suit gives him superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, and durability.

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