The man who called himself the Oracle worked at the New York Planetarium in the 1940s. By 1947, he decided that he was going to rob the pay-telescope that was being used to collect money for charity. To this end he devised a convoluted plot in which he abandoned Astronomy for the prophetic portents of Astrology, and quit his job. He then returned to the planetarium to rant about fortunes of doom, making everyone around believe that he went mad. In reality, he was using this as a cover so that when his hired men stole the charity money he could assist them and not implicate himself.

However, on the day of their big hiest was also the day of a field trip from the Lee School was attending the planetarium. Among the visitors were school teacher Jeff Mace and his student Fred Davis Jr. (who were secretly Captain America and Bucky). When the thugs attempted to steal the charity money, two changed into Captain America and Bucky and fought them, but they managed to flee to another room with the stolen loot. The thugs were assisted by the Oracle who helped them hide it in a meteor display, unaware they were observed by Miss Todd the teacher in charge of the field trip. When Captain America and Bucky entered the room and found only the Oracle, they were about to dismiss him when Miss Todd outted him. Another fight broke out and while Cap and Bucky were busy with the Oracle's goons, the Oracle tried to flee with the loot. However, Captain America was able to knock out the Oracle with his shield and turn him over to the authorities.

His subsequent fate is unknown.

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