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Operation Galactic Storm
Operation Galactic Storm 001
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Event Synopsis

Earth is smack in the middle of a major intergalactic battle.


Quasar Vol 1 was a direct-only series at the time, so a Quasar Special Vol 1 series was released on newsstands in its place, printing the same materiel as the direct issues.


  • An arcade game loosely based on the storyline was released in 1995 by Data East, Ltd.

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Operation: Galactic Storm
Part I: Captain America #398 Part II: Avengers West Coast #80 Part III: Quasar #32 Part IV: Wonder Man #7 Part V: Avengers #345
Part VI: Iron Man #278 Part VII: Thor #445 Part VIII: Captain America #399 Part IX: Avengers West Coast #81 Part X: Quasar #33
Part XI: Wonder Man #8 Part XII: Avengers #346 Part XIII: Iron Man #279 Part XIV: Thor #446 Part XV: Captain America #400
Part XVI: Avengers West Coast #82 Part XVII: Quasar #34 Part XVIII: Wonder Man #9 Part XIX: Avengers #347 Operation: Galactic Storm


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