Ages ago, the alien who would come to be known as Oog was returning to his homeworld from an interstellar voyage when his engines suddenly failed. He crash-landed his ship on the nearest inhabitable world, which was Earth, in the Arctic. When he regained consciousness he found himself trapped under a sheet of ice and was unable to free himself. Before becoming frozen, he managed to telekinetically etch a galactic distress signal in the ice itself (the signal was Oog).

For centuries the alien found himself trapped in a state of suspended animation until he was discovered by a scientific exploration party who were studying the secrets of the Arctic. They carve out the giant chunck of ice and transport Oog back to the United States with them, heralding him as an astonishing scientific discovery. Once back in their lab, however, the giant chunk of ice melts and Oog regained consciousness.

While trying to re-orient himself after centuries of slumber, Oog accidentally smashes the wall of the laboratory in his search for the outdoors. People immediately think him to be a giant monster and quickly call in the army to fire upon him. Oog was able to protect himself by using the power of hypnosis to prevent the soldiers from firing upon him and used his telepathy to tell his story of how he had come to be trapped on Earth. Oog then goes on to berate the human race for their intolerance of the unknown. He calls them a race of violent savages who should be quarantined from the rest of Outer Space. He then sent a telepathic distress signal into Outer Space and a ship of his kind land to rescue him. The aliens don't even acknowledge the existence of the humans around the spaceship, causing humanity to learn that there are things worse than invasion from outer space, and that is the contempt of other species.[1]

Oog was among the monsters that went on a rampage on Earth where he was seen falling from the sky near San Diego.[2]


  • Superhuman Strength: Oog was roughly 25ft tall and possessed superhuman strength sufficient to break through brick walls.
  • Oog also possessed several mental powers, including:
    • Telepathy: Which he used to communicate with humans, even ones who were flying overhead in jets.
      • He could send a psychic beam of light deep into space and communicate with his own kind almost instantly.
    • Telekinesis: Which he used to mentally etch the word Oog into the Arctic ice before losing consciousness.
    • Hypnosis: Which was used in the form of hypnotic beams which were emitted from his eyes.


Oog had his own spaceship before its engines failed and he crash-landed on Earth.

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