Oobagon VIII is a planet in the (presumably) Oobagon star-system. The natives of the planet, whose bodies closely resemble pre-Industrial South American witch doctors of Earth, are a conquering species. Many years ago, the Oobagonian high commander sent one of his warriors, Bombu, on a scouting expedition of Earth. Bombu discovered a primitive tribe of humans in South America, but made the mistake in assuming that all natives of the planet were of a similar social level. Regardless of Bombu's error in judgement, his own ineptness caused his own downfall as he electrocuted himself while attempting to call down a lightning storm.[1] Bombu made a second attempt to conquer Earth several years later, this time invading a major American city. Police officers easily defeated Bombu with their tasers and arrested him. In jail, Bombu was allowed one telephone call, which he used to report his failure to the Oobagon high commander. [2]



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