The Onees are a subterranean creatures of unknown origins. Seeking to take over the surface world, but sensitive to light they used a suction ray to pull buildings in the town of Fairbanks down into their domain. There, they would strip the buildings of all their iron and melt it down. Their plan would be to redistribute the planets weight with the iron so that it would move Earth's rotation away from the sun, allowing them to take over the surface world above without being exposed to their primary weakness.

Their activities led to authorities on the surface to seek out Professor Zog and his robot Electro. When Electro would be captured, Zog would pretend to betray humanity in order to learn of the creatures plot. Learning what they were planning, Zog would send many of the Onees fleeing from the light of their own suction ray. Zog would then free Electro and use the robot to slay their master by tossing him into the furnace they used to melt their stolen metals. Zog would escape as the Onees metal fortress would explode. If any of the Onees survived the explosion remains to be seen.

Powers and Abilities


With the exception of their king, the Onees were all sensitive to light.


Habitat: Earthlike
Gravity: Earthlike
Atmosphere: Earthlike


Type of Government: monarchy
Level of Technology: Unknown. While they had access to a "suction ray", the fact that it gave off light that was harmful to them would suggest that it was likely created by some other race that used to dwell in the tunnels below the Earth.
Representatives: Unnamed ruler


While their origins are unknown and speculative at best, it's entirely likely that the Onees were yet another species either created or manipulated by the Deviants. Their seeming barbaric nature, and the fact that it doesn't seem likely that they created their metal home, nor their Suction Ray would suggest this.

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