Omerta is a member of a religious order in Italy whose goal it is to defend the citizens of his country. The word 'omerta' means 'silence' in Italian, and Omerta, along with all members of his order, observes a strict vow of silence. The order has existed for centuries, so much so that they have developed the ability to read and project marginal thoughts through their silence.

During the first Pan-European Conference on Super-Human Affairs, Omerta was acting as the delegate for Italy. Like many of the other delegates, Omerta fell under the influence of Brain Drain and attempted to assasinate the president of his country. It was only through the involvment of Weapon Omega that Omerta was stopped.


Able to send/read partial thoughts.


Omerta was a highly trained combatant.

The word "omertà" in Italy is only referred to the silence over criminal acts (due to fear or complicity), hence the name of this character is to be considered completely off track.

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