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Osnick never quit being Steel Spider, and was even a member of the Avengers for a time. He modified his costume into a powerful exo-skeleton and was a respected superhero.

However, his personal life failed and as his wife left him, Steel Spider went looking for criminals to take his frustrations out on. Unfortunately, the crooks he found were so afraid of him they surrendered and Steel Spider had a tantrum.

He then saw he was being watched by Spider-Girl and American Dream. They told him how much of an inspiration he had been to them and Steel Spider helped them defeat a terrorist cell called the Soldiers of the Serpent. After this, he set about rebuilding his shattered personal life.


Skilled inventor


  • Mechanical limbs: Extendable "tentacles" with prehensile pincers and pneumatically propelled grappling hook.


Peppery spray blasters.

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