Quote1 Trust her not, mine gullible companions! Yon fiendish apparition be evil personified! Her only wish is to slay us! Quote2
-- Volstagg

Oldar is an ancient crone that lives in the Forbidden Forest of Asgard. Several years ago, the Warriors Three journeyed through the forests in the hopes of gaining an audience with the oracle. Moments after Volstagg rung the summoning gong, Oldar appeared and whisked the Warriors to a hidden location deeper in the woods. The Warriors inquired with Oldar about a mysterious muscle-bound mortal that hailed from Midgard. Little did they know, this mortal was actually the gamma-radiated creature known as the Hulk. Oldar erased the barriers of time and showed the Warriors the events that led to scientist Bruce Banner's first transformation into the Hulk. She also showed them images of the Hulk's first battle with their ally, the mighty Thor. After revealing everything she knew, she provided the Warriors with a cryptic warning, hinting at a planned invasion of Asgard by the Enchantress and the Executioner.


The full extent and nature of Oldar's abilities have never been revealed. As an Asgardian, she is extremely long-lived and several times stronger and more durable than the average Earth human. She has the ability to perceive events taking place in the future, as well as the power to witness events that have already taken place. She can use her magic to alter her form, preferring to assume the shape of a younger, more attractive woman. When using her magic, Oldar prefers to speak in rhyme.


Oldar possesses acute knowledge of the occult.


Oldar possesses a summoning gong, which lies deep inside the darkest regions of the Forbidden Forest.

Although Fandral and Hogun admired Oldar's abilities, Volstagg did not trust her and held her in great contempt.

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