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Old Skull was born in 1987 as the son of a farmer who called himself the last cowboy and grew up on his ranch. As he was already bald as a child and quite slow-witted he was picked on by everyone around him, including his father, who called him "numb-skull". On the day the Martian Masters invaded Earth, his father sold his last cattle and the two of them followed the animals in a transparent tramway. The train was attacked by the Martians, his father was killed and Old Skull taken prisoner. He became a gladiator and met Killraven who protected him when the other gladiators picked on him. In their first battle together, they defeated Warr.[1]

Ater they escaped from their captivity, Old Skull became one of Killraven's Freemen. He was heavily injured by Skar.[2]


Old Skull is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant.

Strength level

Normal human strength.

  • He often enjoyed playing the flute, although Hawk claimed he had no musical talent[2]

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