Okoye was Dora Milaje, part of an order of wives-in-training for the King of Wakanda, who also served as his personal valets and bodyguards. Each member of the Dora Milaje was chosen from a different tribe of the Wakandas, a political tradition to ensure peace among the tribes as each held a role in the palace and a chance to become the next queen.[1]

Okoye (Earth-616) from Black Panther Vol 3 1 011

Although long inactive, the order of Dora Milaje was reactivated by King T'Challa to smooth over political discord in the kingdom, and so Okoye and her friend Nakia were chosen from their tribes to train in the palace. Monica Lynne remembered seeing the girls in their early teens from her time in Wakanda.[2]

The role of wives-in-training was purely ceremonial, as King T'Challa did not harbor any romantic affection towards the girl, seeing them more like his children. Okoye accepted this truth early on, but her partner Nakia dreamed of marrying the king. Nakia's obsession turned violent, and she abandoned the Dora Milaje to become the villainess, Malice.[3]

Okoye worked alongside the new recruit for the Dora Milaje, the Chicago-raised Queen Divine Justice.[4]

After a brain aneurysm caused T'Challa to go into hiding, Okoye went with him. They encountered a man named Kasper Cole who was improperly using the garb of the Black Panther as an urban vigilante. T'Challa chose to test Kasper to see if he was worthy of the role. Okoye was part of this test, a test of character to see if Kasper would abandoned his pregnant girlfriend due to his attraction to Okoye.[5]




Driving ability, Martial Artist


Guns, traditional Wakandan Weapons

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