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Quote1 Then let the world of man tremble-- Ogoun the Slayer comes. Quote2
-- Ogoun src

Ogun is a member of the Vodu, an extra-dimensional race of beings worshipped by the people of West Africa and by practitioners of Afro-Caribbean religions like Vodun (falsely but famously known as 'Voodoo'), Santeria or Candomblé.

Ogun is the co-patron of the vigilante group Santerians. He granted his ward powers.[1]

In this reality Ogun is the head of the Petro Loas[2], here depicted as evil demon like spirits.[3]. Since ages Ogun has tried to conquer Earth, but once was sealed by Papa Legba and the Sorcerer Supreme Makeen. Due to this occasion Ogun lost his hand. Shortly after Doctor Voodoo became Sorcerer Supreme, he opened the gate to Bondyé to save the reality from Nightmare's assault. Although he sealed the gateway, it was broken by one of Ogun's Petro Loas.[3]


  • Optic Blast: It is shown that Ogun is able to shoot fire from his eyes.[4]

  • The Òrìshà Ogun is not to be confused with the Japanese samurai, Ogun.
  • Ogun's name is pronounced as 'oh-GOON'.[5] The last part (-goon) is vocalized nasally.
  • Ogun's name 'the Slayer' in Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural Vol 1 dates from his Catholic counterpart Archangel Saint Michael who is also called the Dragon Slayer. Through forced christianization Ogun is identified as mentioned saint in various Vodun based religions through Michael's usage of swords. (sword = iron = Ogun)
  • The 'Ogoun the Slayer' personality seems to be the Petro incarnation.
    • Petro incarnations are the dark, aggressive side of Loas in Haitian Vodun. The 'white', 'caring' counterpart would be Rada.
  • Besides his patronage of iron and weapons Ogun is the Òrìshà of war. He is also patron of mechanics, cars (taxi drivers) and all iron based things and processes.
  • Ogun's traditional weapon is the machete. He used it in the first days of colonizing Earth to cut the primeval forests to build the first ways for the other Òrìshàs.
  • Ogun incarnates the moderated aspects of male power and passion.
  • Ogun's traditional colors are green and white.

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