The man known as the Ogre was a gang leader that was active in the Oregon area during the 1940s. Running his operation from an ore mine, he and his men targeted a train carrying gold bullion in 1945. To get at the gold, they blew up a rail bridge causing the train to crash to the bottom of a gorge, killing all aboard. They then stole the gold and fled on a motorboat, but abandoned it by escaping in a plane leaving the boat to wreck itself to throw off anyone who might be on their trail.

Unfortunately, their activities attracted the attention of the Human Torch and Toro who deduced the method of escape and tracked down their plane. After calling in the FBI, the two heroes were knocked out from behind by one of the Ogre's men. However the Ogre betrayed his minion by dumping the three of them into the ore grinder. The Torch, reviving first flamed on and was only able to rescue Toro from death. The two flaming heroes then rounded up the Ogre and his men and turned them over to the arriving police.

The Ogre's subsequent fate is unknown.

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