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Official Name
Office of National Emergency
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Current Members
Rajani Dhama, Col. Miguel Reyes, Tracy Skylark, Emil Winston, Sergeant Foley, "Mitch", Eugene", "Donnie", Callister", various soldiers


Sentinel Squad Vol 1 1 Textless


The Office of National Emergency or O*N*E was created by the Presidents of the United States of America using Executive Order 13361, after the sudden drop in Mutant population around the globe. He also using Executive Order 13372 established Sentinel Squad O*N*E (S,S,1) and by reason of the continued and immediate threat of superhuman attacks in the United States of America.[1]


The Xavier Institute had Sentinel Squad O*N*E and a number of conventional troops stationed around it. Valerie Cooper, an advisor and deputy director on the program, was sent to explain their mission to the X-Men.

Known remaining mutants have been assessed on their potential threat levels by the organization. Many government officials still fear that a human-mutant conflict will escalate to massive global warfare.

In light of General Lazer's actions, Valerie Cooper was promoted to director of the organization.


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