Presumably, the life of Odin would have mirrored that of his Earth-616 counterpart until the outbreak of the zombie plague. At some point, Odin had forbidden all Asgardians from travelling to Midgard as he felt that humanity had moved past them. Loki sensed that this upset Thor most of all. As a result, he released the zombie plague upon the world in an attempt to get Thor to disobey his father. Unforeseen to Loki, Odin himself decided to travel to Earth to determine the origin of the zombie outbreak. Ordinarily Odin would be powerful enough to dispatch countless throngs of human attackers, but he was already weakened as he was supposed to be in the Odinsleep. Due to the ebbing of his power, Odin allowed a zombie to get too close and it bit him, turning the father of the gods into a zombie himself. Once this happened, all Asgardians also turned into zombies as a result of their bond with Odin.[1] Odin's body was later devoured by Thor's goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr, supplying them with Odin's power and giving them the energy to be used as a means to cross the trans-dimensional barrier.[2]


Seemingly those of Odin Borson of Earth-616.

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