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Candidates: Optoman, Oink, Oracle and Orifice
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X-Statix (media-concurrent), Arnie Lunt and his Zombies
First appearance

The team O-Force was a concurrent to X-Statix driven by the mutant lawyer and business-man Solomon O'Sullivan.

It was described to be more open and democratic, as the recruitment depended on the fans' votes.

Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.

  • Venus Dee Milo was offered membership under a contract with Solomon O'Sullivan, but the contract was broken under Venus and Spike pressure, as the O-Force was about to be annihilated except for the intervention of X-Statix using Venus' teleportation (prohibited by the contract).
  • It was said that O-Force mutant powers were possibly only special effects[1], but Ocean demonstrated her powers on the Orphan earlier.[2]
  • No trivia.

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