Nyssa was a werewolf who fell in love with Wolverine. Her early life before being turned into a werewolf is unknown, only that she lived in South Illinois.

The Kodiak film manufacturing plant was dumping their chemical waste, including a silver compound, into the river. The werewolves who drank from the river became ill and revert into their human form or died. The werewolves called this condition "The Sickness". When Logan brought Kitty the area for her wilderness survival training and left her in the forest after giving her a map, a compass and a flask of water and telling she must find her way back to her parent's hut in the area, he encountered Nyssa, who caught "The Sickness". Logan took her into the hut and was about to call for an ambulance but she told him not to, as she just needed to rest so she can recover. Logan himself has never been one for hospitals. Nyssa told Logan she thought that a bunch of "yuppies" lived in that hut and it doesn't seem his style. He told her it belongs to the parents of one of his student and they borrow it for a "training exercise". When she didn't seem to be surprised by him being a teacher, Logan told her she would be first one not to be surprised. She dismissed this and told him she can feel something about him that is trust worthy. Logan noted her clothes and asked her what or who she is running from. Nyssa told him she isn't running from anything, just in time for her pack to approach the hut. Logan, who didn't know she was a werewolf, told her to hide and popped his claws. Nyssa, after seeing this, thought he was a werewolf too. When the other werewolves broke into the house, Logan fought them saying he won't let either one of them be a snack for the werewolves, only to turn around and find that Nyssa had turned into a werewolf and bit him in the shoulder. That night at the hospital, the moonlight struck Logan and turned him into a werewolf. Nyssa telepathically contacted him and led him to her and her pack just as the sun rose and everyone turned back into human form. The pack were about to attack Logan but she stopped them and told them he is the one she marked. When asked why, she answered that she knows her "soulmate" when she sees him. However, her brother, Malik told Logan that every new member of the pack must prove themselves and revealed what "The Sickness" really is and told Logan if he didn't do what needed to be done, he'll follow the others who fell victim to "The Sickness".[1]

That night the pack attacked the factory to scare the workers and to find out who is responsible for "The Sickness" that killed many of them. Logan and Malik had a disagreement. Nyssa told Logan to forget about it and in time Malik will come to trust him. When the pack attacked a boat belonging to the owners of the factory, Kitty's parents were among them. Logan tried to stop the other werewolves so the humans could run and because he did so, the other werewolves were about to attack him on Malik's orders but was stopped by Nyssa. Malik questioned her act as she was turning on her own flesh and blood. She told him that there are connections go deeper than blood and if he can't accept that then maybe she running with the wrong pack. Malik then told her to take another look at her "soulmate" and much to her shock she found that Logan is in his human form as his healing factor cured him from the werewolf curse. Logan apologized to Nyssa as he can't be one of them and thus can't be her mate. Kitty, who was tracking Logan with the help of Jacob Russoff, hit the boat with her car which caused an explosion that destroyed the boat. Logan was pulled out by Kitty and none of the pack were seen coming out of the river, thus Logan believed that all of them, including Nyssa, died in the explosion.[2]


Like every werewolf, silver is a poison for her.

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