Little is known about the entity known as Numinus, the self-proclaimed guiding spirit of the Universe. The first recorded manifestation of Numinus to humans was to the pre-adolescent group of super heroes known as Power Pack. Numinus appeared before the group as they returned to Earth from the destroyed planet, Kymellia. The entity convinced the team to return to the space station which housed the technocratic society of the planet's survivors. Power Pack arrived at the space station in time to save the Kymellians from an attack by the former Queen Mother Maraud, former Queen Mother of the war-like world of Zz'nrk. The true purpose or design of Numinus in this and similar acts of apparent benevolence remain unclear.[1]

Numinus later assisted Groot in rescuing Rocket Raccoon.[2]


Numinus possesses the cosmic power beyond the abilities of humans to measure. She is able to tap into the vast energy of the universe for an incalculable number of effects. Some of her most rudimentary abilities include the ability to manifest an impenetrable energy field around herself or others.

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