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Space where supposedly nothing exists. This the location that the Tree of Shadows is located. The Fraternity of Raptors are stored in null space. When they switch places with their hosts the hosts are stored in null space. The Fraternity of Raptors were created by the Shi'ar.

Demonic lifeforms live in Null Space that guard the Tree of Shadows.
Guardians of the Tree of Shadows
They are said to be loyal to "the source".

In the original Darkhawk series the alien scientist Ocsh was said to have discovered Null Space. The Null Space in the original Darkhawk series was revealed to be a false interpretation of the true Null Space due to Chris Powell's hallucinations. When Talon exiled Christopher Powell to Null Space this was Chris's first experience with the true Null Space.


  • Demons that guard the Tree of Shadows


In the original Darkhawk series the Darkhawk bodies were stored on Ocsh's ship which was in Null Space. When Darkhawk or someone else with a Darkhawk amulet swapped forms one form stayed in the real world and the other form stayed in stasis on Ocsh's ship.


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