Nuadhu, or Lud, was the leader of the pantheon Tuatha de Danaan.[3]

Two beings seemingly used his names:

  • The Dark god Nauda of the Silver Hand was believed to be either a poser of Nuadhu or a dark aspect split off from him,[3] but appear to be either the latter answer, or Nuada. in person. It now appear that it was former host of Nuada who kept a fragment of his divine essence when Nuada left him, went ma and came to believe that he was the real Nuada.[1]
  • The demon Ludi was possibly a degenerated Celtic god[8] and was believed to be Llud, a British king circa 55BC, that ascended into godhood after his death.[3]
Nauda (Earth-616) from Marvel Comics Presents vol 1 109 0001

History of character is unknown.

Power Grid [9]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Lower intelligence as Nauda; Teleporter

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